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BROAD-OCEAN electric vehicle drive system test platform

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One.BROAD-OCEAN electric vehicle drive system test platform

  BROAD-OCEAN electric vehicle drive system test platform is one of the leading enterprises in China's micro motor industry, it is the world's leading supplier of similar motor products. Mainly engaged in new energy automotive micro motor, electric drive motor and control system development, production and sales. January 2016, the successful acquisition of Shanghai ocean electric drive, the acquisition of the ocean electric motors in one fell swoop to become the country's largest new energy automotive electric motor supplier, the market share of nearly 1/3.

  This set of electric vehicle drive system test platform is mainly used for rated power below 500KW low speed high torque drive motor and motor controller type test, test platform with GB/T 18488-2015 on the test equipment requirements, and strive to provide to meet the existing test requirements for customers, taking into account the future development needs, the overall cost is controllable, low use cost and maintenance cost, precision and reliability standards the EV test bench.

Two.Electric vehicle drive system test platform

Electric vehicle drive system test platform

DC-IN:EV test cabinet DC input; DC-OUT:EV test cabinet DC output; AC-IN:EV test cabinet three-phase AC transmission; AC-OUT:EV test cabinet three-phase AC output

Schematic diagram of test bench for electric vehicle drive system (EV)

  500KW electric vehicle drive system test bench test principle diagram as shown above, including battery simulator, motor controller, water cooling system, the tested motor, loading dynamometer, dynamometer test controller, EV powertrain test cabinet (hereinafter referred to as the EV test cabinet), torque sensor, testing, installation and testing of PC platform equipment.

  This set of low speed and high torque power test platform test system using EV test cabinet, EV cabinet is designed for testing the Milky Way electric electric vehicle powertrain test research of configurable standard measurement and control products, EV test cabinet main test functions, provide quick connector, convenient connection system.

  The EV test cabinet adopts the virtual instrument architecture, which contains 4 power modules, a 8 channel temperature modules, a torque speed conversion modules, and two data host modules.

  The 4 power modules can meet the DC input of the motor controller, and the motor controller can be tested in three ways;

  8 channel temperature module can access 8 PT100 temperature sensor signal;

  The torque speed converter module can be connected with the torque speed sensor to output two frequency pulse signals.

  The power module, the temperature module and the torque speed conversion module are used to analyze and process the data, and the test data is shared to the test host computer through the Ethernet LAN port.

Three.Electric vehicle drive system test platform equipment configuration chart

Measuring point Device name Model Number Remarks
DC input, AC output, temperature, torque speed EV power assembly test cabinet / 1

4 power modules, a 8 channel temperature module, a torque speed conversion module, a data host module 0V

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