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China's electromagnetic calibration and measurement capabilities to the forefront of the world

  • times:2028
  • time:2017/4/1 11:43:16
  • Author:银河电气

  The day before, from the BIPM (BIPM) equivalent recognition database that Chinese Institute of Metrology (hereinafter referred to as the "China Metrology Institute") by the international mutual recognition of electromagnetic field calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC) to 182 from 144 for growth, said CMC measurement uncertainty number matrix level from 68 up to 81, ranking from eighth place in 2015 jumped to third in the world, marking China's electromagnetic field calibration and measurement capability has been enhanced, scientific and technological level in the field has been among the highest in the world.

  CMC is one of the most important evaluation forms in the field of international metrology for the realization of the calibration of measurement data in the world, and its quantity and level are the important sign of the scientific research ability and quality system. Metrology institutes around the world are regularly on the high level of scientific research into CMC to BIPM declaration, in order to achieve the international recognition of the relevant calibration and measurement capabilities.

  Since 11th 5 years and 12th 5 years, the Chinese Academy of metrology has made a number of advanced scientific research achievements in the field of electromagnetic, radio and other fields of measurement, the ability to serve economic and social development. In July 2015, the China metrology institute actively research condensed into CMC, and report to the regional metrology organizations, covering the contents of the declaration from the DC, low frequency, RF and microwave 110GHz to a wide range of frequencies of electromagnetic quantities. After several rounds of review, the Chinese Academy of metrology to declare the project all international peer recognition, entered the BIPM equivalent mutual recognition database. In addition to the addition of 38 CMC, some of the original CMC capacity has been strengthened, the measurement frequency, amplitude range is wider, more complete measurement methods.

  In the new CMC, "DC current ratio measurement capability" for the first time in the world to break the 1E-6 measurement uncertainty bottleneck, nearly 5 times higher than the international highest level, enhance the measurement of current China's international influence. The results can effectively solve the problem of on-line calibration of 300 kA super large current in the industrial field, and provide a large current sensor on-line calibration and accurate traceability for a number of aluminum, lead and manganese production enterprises in china. The results also provide an effective support for the metallurgical industry to improve the efficiency of electrolytic process and promote the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction.

  The complete open field antenna measurement and extrapolation ability construction, the end of a long time China's high precision of antenna gain cannot be traceable, making China become the world's few have the antenna gain calibration capability state extrapolation. The results of a strong service in China's communications, navigation, remote sensing and other areas of antenna measurement needs for the transformation and upgrading of the information industry to provide technical support.

  Magnetic field measurement, CMC achieve the certification requirements of the downstream industry of rare earth permanent magnet materials in China, significantly enhance the recognition of industry related products in the international market, to break China's high-end rare earth permanent magnet materials in international trade barriers, technical barriers and certification of China rare earth resources has made substantial contributions into the international competitiveness of products.

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