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YINHE ELECTRIC vist Kang Tong ELETRIC for learning and researching

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  December 22, 2016, the Party Branch Secretary Xie led the Milky Way electric administrative department and the Ministry of personnel, the relevant responsible people visit the Hunan Kangtong ELETRIC, by Kangtong company chairman Liu Yalang, Party branch secretary and deputy general manager Xia Guangguo, the personnel director Luo Ping, General Management Department minister Chen Dongyan warm reception.

YINHE ELECTRIC vist Kang Tong ELETRIC for learning and researching

  Hunan Kang Tong Limited is the brother company of YINHE ELETRIC, it is a professional dedicated to broadcasting the whole industry chain of high-tech enterprises. Kang Tong company is IP radio and cloud broadcast inventor, is leading the broadcasting industry transmission control technology, expert units to formulate national emergency broadcast technology standard, known as the "invisible champion of the broadcasting industry".

  All along, the company has a good communication with the YINHE ELECTRIC from the top to the staff. In recent years, Kang Tong company has achieved very good momentum of development, and in November 30, 2016 through the new three board approval, formally approved listing. The Secretary Xie in the lead, and further Kangtong electronic in-depth communication, in order to learn through this research, learning Kangtong in management strengths, found in the management of the YINHE ELECTRIC lifting method.

  The study and research, first by Kang Tong company director Luo Ping introduced the basic situation and development of the company, then the two companies have personnel management, salary system, welfare management, administrative management, office order and management of the Forum; in the forum, the current state of all detailed communication. Finally, secretary Xie and his party visited the company's products show room Kang, OEM ultra clean workshop, office area, etc..

  Through this research, a Secretary Xie said, the survey found a great harvest, some problems existing in the management of the YINHE ELECTRIC, and through this study, to understand the Kang company too many rules and advanced management experience, provide a learning model for the next step to further standardize the management of the company.

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