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Digital detection enables the digital era

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  • time:2022/9/2 11:13:52
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  Recently, Galaxy Electric completed the acceptance of the project of "long-term operation state recording system of a certain equipment". The project realized the accurate acquisition of various physical parameters and other parameters of the equipment, and realized the big data storage based on the disk array storage technology, providing detailed and accurate data for the online operation state monitoring of the equipment and the health analysis of the whole life cycle of the equipment. This is a new application of metrological detection in the digital age.

  May 20 is the 23rd World metrology day. The theme of the current session is "measurement in the digital age", which aims to make people realize the changing trend of digital technology to today's society.

  Today, in the global digital transformation, digital technology has brought challenges to the measurement work, but also brought many new opportunities. Galaxy Electric fully combines its own technical advantages to empower the digital era with digital detection.


  One.Driving management reform in the digital age

  Product data mining is an important means to improve products. In the Galaxy Electric Manufacturing Center, all parts flow through the production line in an orderly manner, and a qualified product is finally produced through screening, debugging, testing, aging and other technological means. Each part is given its own unique "digital code", and all the data in the process are stored in the database for later reference and analysis; And laid a foundation for product improvement and new product development.Not only that, Galaxy Electric has fully explored the depth of data and customized a set for its own products, realizing automatic detection and intelligent judgment of product performance indicators, and upgrading from the traditional "human inspection" mode to the "technical inspection" and "intelligent inspection" modes. Intelligent detection management improves the quality control ability in the product production process.

  Two.Enhance interactive experience in the digital age

  For a long time, to experience the operation and interface of the equipment, it is necessary to bring the equipment to the use site. In the network instrument center built by Galaxy Electric, several equipment UIs leap up. Anywhere, you can experience the content, setting and operation mode of Galaxy Electric products on this page through the network, providing a "zero distance" interactive experience for users to further familiarize themselves with the products.

  Three.Improving the measurement ecology in the digital age

  Based on the self research and information sharing of the co construction unit, the frequency conversion electric energy intelligent test and Measurement Engineering Technology Research Center has jointly explored the collaborative innovation mode of "production, learning and research" with the integration of digital information resources. Create a measurement ecosystem in the field of high-end variable-frequency electricity through five dimensions: electricity sensor technology, variable-frequency electricity testing technology and instruments, domestic electrical measurement standard devices, variable-frequency electricity quantity traceability system, energy efficiency evaluation and intelligent energy-saving technology and application.

  In the future, Galaxy Electric will continue to march into the depth and breadth of variable frequency power measurement and testing technology, constantly improve the core competitiveness and technical level of products, strive to promote the technological progress and discipline construction in the field of variable frequency power, and unswervingly advance towards the strategic objective of "manufacturing power, quality power and digital China".

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