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Interpretation of the theme of world metrology day 2022 "metrology in the digital age"

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  May 20 this year is the 23rd World metrology day. The theme of this year is "metrology in the digital era", and the Chinese theme is "metrology in the digital era". The theme aims to make people realize the changing trend of digital technology to today's society, propose to establish a digital framework of the international system of units, promote the digital transformation of measurement, and support the healthy development of the digital economy.As the science of measurement and its application, metrology is also accelerating into the digital era and is undergoing a historical change from "tangible" to "intangible". Therefore, new achievements have been made in the research of measurement technical specifications and key technologies of digital measurement, and positive results have been achieved in the application of digital measurement, which has become a new engine for the development of measurement in the new era.

Interpretation of the theme of world metrology day 2022

  Digital transformation of measurement: Aiming at the key fields of digital measurement, we will build an open collaborative innovation system, concentrate our efforts on tackling key technologies of digital measurement, strengthen the construction of the digital international system of units, promote the research of digital measurement technologies such as quantum measurement standards, embedded and chip level measurement standards, and accelerate the realization of high-level measurement independence and self-improvement. It is necessary to standardize and guide the intelligent and networked development of measuring instruments, actively study and grasp the development law of digital transformation of measuring instruments, actively promote the application of new technologies such as quantum chips, Internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence in measuring and testing equipment, strengthen the research on core algorithms of high-end instrument equipment, and create an independent and controllable "domestic brain". It is necessary to improve the digitization level of the whole process and all elements of the measurement system. In the whole measurement chain from scientific measurement to legal measurement, people's livelihood measurement and industrial measurement, we should deeply apply the new generation of information technology, study the digital modeling technology of measurement standards, measurement standards and sensors, promote the intelligent and digital transformation of measurement standards, accelerate the promotion of digital measurement certificates, and gradually realize the machine-readable measurement certificates, A number of intelligent measurement laboratories have been established.

  Construction and application of measurement data: the original data and derived data generated by measurement activities are important components of the national big data system and important basic strategic resources. It is necessary to accelerate the research of key technologies of measurement data, strengthen the integration and development of measurement data with quantum information, advanced computing, future network and other cutting-edge technologies, and strengthen the research and application of key common technologies of measurement data. Serve major national strategies, strengthen the standardization of standard reference data, establish a national standard reference database, strengthen the construction of measurement data security assurance capacity, establish a reliable measurement data disaster recovery and backup mechanism, and ensure the safety of measurement data. We will vigorously promote the construction and application of measurement data, cultivate a number of measurement data construction and application bases in the fields of life and health, equipment manufacturing, food safety, environmental monitoring and climate change, and build a national measurement data center and a national industrial measurement basic database.

  Digital China and smart society construction: give full play to the role of measurement as a basic guarantee, and comprehensively improve the measurement support capacity for all elements, processes and industrial chains of the digital economy. Accelerate the construction of digital measurement facilities based on coordinated universal time, carry out research on measurement and testing methods of industrial Internet related parameters, and improve the reliability of data transmission. Strengthen the research on the basic theory, evaluation method and technology of artificial intelligence measurement, carry out research on key measurement and testing technologies such as mechanical system, control system and drive system of industrial robots, and serve the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing. With value as the core, we will improve the measurement and traceability ability of digital terminals and intelligent terminal products, study and solve the problem of value transmission and traceability of new devices such as smart wear, smart medical and smart home, and provide accurate measurement guarantee for digital life. In key areas, research and establish a cloud platform for measurement digital application service, and create a universal, intelligent, convenient, fair and inclusive measurement digital service system. We will innovate the smart metering supervision mode, explore and implement off-site supervision characterized by remote supervision, mobile supervision, early warning and prevention, and accelerate the creation of a new smart metering supervision system.

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