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Measuring "accurate" epidemic to help resume production

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  • time:2022/9/2 11:06:30
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  In 2020, a sudden COVID-19 epidemic swept across the world, which had a great impact on our economic life. For a time, people were worried. Fortunately, with the concerted efforts of the Chinese people and the government, the epidemic was effectively controlled, and all parts of the country began to recover their economies and resume production.

  Measurement can ensure that the epidemic situation can be effectively controlled. Most patients showed low fever. In order to control the spread of the epidemic and restore the normal living order of the people as soon as possible, the use of temperature measuring guns can be seen everywhere. 37.3 ° C is a dangerous signal and an accurate number. Once there is a large error in the temperature measuring gun, it is very likely that potential cases will be missed, leading to unpredictable transmission. How to achieve accurate measurement and how to effectively calibrate errors play a vital role in overcoming the epidemic. Measurement is to use technology and legal means to achieve unity of units and accurate and reliable measurement of quantities. By measuring the temperature measuring gun, we can more accurately identify potential risks and isolate infectious sources, So that the epidemic can be effectively controlled.

  Metering can block the wide spread of the virus. In this epidemic, we are familiar with several terms: N95, disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, etc. If the temperature measuring gun can exclude the infectious source in a large range, the mask can effectively block the transmission route. Taking the widely used medical surgical mask as an example, it complies with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry standard: YY 0469-2011, and its bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) is not less than 95% and particle filtration efficiency (PFE) is not less than 30%; To check whether the mask meets the standard through measuring equipment, so that everyone can use qualified products. Measurement is the guidance, supervision and guarantee of measurement. To measure the mask measuring equipment, we can use more reassuring and reliable products and block the wide spread of the virus.


  Measurement can help the efficient research and development of vaccines. During the research, development and production of vaccines, a large number of precision instruments were used in a series of tests, such as gene sequencing, sterility test and toxin test. It is no exaggeration to say that the performance of these precision instruments determines the final results of vaccine research and development. Any index of these instruments needs to be guaranteed by measurement. By measuring these precision instruments, we can create covid-19 vaccines more safely and efficiently and protect vulnerable populations.


  Metrology involves all aspects of society. Science and technology need to develop, and Metrology needs to go first. As a basic discipline, metrology supports human society. In this epidemic, China has built a fortress against the epidemic through advanced metrology science, "precision" war on the epidemic, and silently contributed to the resumption of work and production of the people of the whole country and their return to normal life.

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