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YINHE's dream to be China's core

  YINHE ELECTRIC-leader in the field of frequency conversion testing in China

  HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. is the world's leading manufacturer of variable frequency power measurement and measurement, is the national standard for the development of China's variable frequency power meter.

  YINHE ELECTRIC was founded in 2006, headquartered in Changsha. The company has long been engaged in the research and test of variable frequency power supply, and is committed to providing the industry measurement and control of the overall solution and the core measurement and control products. The AnyWay variable frequency power test system of test objects covering 1 MW to 40 MW, widely used in electric drive (motor, fan, water pump, wind propulsion and robot), power electronics (rectifier, inverter, converter, etc.), rail transportation, new energy (photovoltaic, wind power, electric vehicle), household appliances and other fields or industries, and obtain the global use of customer recognition.

  YINHE ELECTRIC stems from the military, skilled in measurement and control, believe that the manufacturing industry relies on more accurate measurement and measurement technology. A series of inverter power analyzer and front-end digital measurement unit represented by WP4000 - SP frequency power sensor and DT digital transmitter, to ensure that in the wide frequency range under complex electromagnetic environment, and wide dynamic range, low power factor to provide reliable data for you.

  YINHE ELECTRIC focus the best technical staffs, established the innovation centers, more than 60% of R & D costs for the industry to provide customers with professional measurement and control of the overall solution. Modular architecture and virtual instrument design route, so that we have a more rapid response to customer needs. At the same time, the headquarters set up the remote service center, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an and other places to set up offices or branches, provide a more efficient full range of pre-sale, sale and customer service service for you.

  YINHE ELECTRIC is building professional technical team, to carry out in-depth research on sensor principle, Internet plus, data mining and other fields, in order in the near future, for the manufacturing industry to enhance the power supply.

  YINHE ELECTRIC-a pioneer in the field of frequency measurement in China

  AnyWay series inverter test products are used for the new measuring equipment for all kinds of frequency control system of voltage and current, power, harmonic testing and measurement, is the inevitable product of the rapid development of inverter technology, but also the sustained and healthy development of frequency conversion technology is an indispensable important basic equipment, frequency conversion equipment efficiency evaluation tool.

  AnyWay series of variable frequency test products of the technical indicators, access to the German Federal Institute of physics, the National Institute of metrology, the national high voltage metering station and other authoritative departments of recognition. Numbers of technical indicators to fill the gaps in the field of frequency conversion testing at home and abroad, the world's leading level. It solves the problem of high precision measurement and measurement in the field of frequency conversion, power generation, non sinusoidal, wide frequency, wide bandwidth and low power factor.

  To solve the problem at home and abroad for Metrological traceability of variable frequency power test equipment, in order to promote the development of frequency conversion technology continuously, orderly and stable, the YINHE ELECTRIC joint Hunan province Metrology Research Institute and the national defense science and Technology University successfully developed ATITAN frequency power source.

  Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhang Zhonghua led by the Identification Committee believes that: ATITAN frequency power standard source solves the problem of energy saving and emission reduction in China and other areas of power measurement technology bottlenecks. Products to fill the gaps over global, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, in which the range and frequency range and other technical indicators in the international leading level.

  YINHE ELECTRIC launched the frequency current traceability system call based on ATITAN variable frequency power source standard research first in March 2013, completed the drafting of variable frequency power transmitter, frequency conversion power analyzer product standards; complete the preparation of variable frequency electric quantity transmitter, frequency conversion power analyzer verification regulation of verification regulation; and in May 2013, according to the State Administration of quality inspection instructions, and National University of Defense Technology in Hunan province Metrology Institute, together with the national frequency electrical measuring instrument measuring station.

  YINHE ELECTRIC-to provide the overall solution of frequency conversion measurement and control

  Relying on the AnyWay brand series product testing complete product line, relying on the powerful support of National University of Defense Technology software, the YINHE ELECTRIC to provide professional and customized services for monitoring integrators of all walks of life, the user demand for the overall solution, ODM products and service for specific industries.

  YINH ELECTRIC sincerely look forward to working with ship electric propulsion, motor, fan / pump, rail transportation, electric vehicles, inverter, special transformer, switching power supply, electric welder, wind power, photovoltaic, fluorescent lamp and LED lighting products in the field of inspection and testing, energy efficiency evaluation and harmonic analysis system integrators to establish extensive cooperation.

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