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Corporate culture


  The pursuit of the YINHE ELECTRIC is in the field of measurement and control to achieve the customer's dream, relying on scientific and technological innovation, and through the accumulation, the pursuit of perseverance, so that we will become a domestic and international leading enterprises.

  It is only when we have the opportunity and the maturity of the concept that we are able to make a unique contribution to the customer in this field, we enter into a new area of the market.

  In the process of enterprise development, we pursue a win-win situation between the company and the customer, the company and the staff of win-win situation, the company and the company's win-win situation, the company and the community.


  Talent is the YINHE ELECTRIC’s largest wealth of electricity, the development of enterprises rely on collective struggle;

  Heavy commitment, good faith and discipline are the basic requirements for each employee;

  Speaking of doing is the code of conduct for employees;

  We attach importance to the development of enterprises in the process of making contributions to the enterprise employees, and to return, but do not accommodate any active employees.


  Love country, love the people, love the cause and love life is the source of our cohesion.

  Unity and cooperation, sense of responsibility, innovation, professionalism and the spirit of seeking knowledge is the essence of our corporate culture.

  High morale, vigorous vitality, pioneering spirit, the spirit of victory is the spirit of our team.

FourBenefit distribution

  The basic principles of allocation are: giving priority to efficiency, giving consideration to fairness, sustainable development.

  The distribution of the basic: contribution, responsibility, ability, work attitude;

  Allocation is based on the inclination to sustainability, outstanding talent, character, and the risks involved.

  Distribution to fully open the gap, the distribution curve to maintain a continuous and no inflection point.

FiveSocial responsibility

  The YINHE ELECTRIC to serve as own duty, for the great country thriving and prosperous, for the revitalization of the Chinese nation, and make unremitting efforts for yourself and your family happiness.

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