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In January 2022, Galaxy Electric "embarked on a new journey!" The theme annual meeting and the 15th anniversary celebration came to a perfect conclusion, striving to write a new chapter.
In December 2021, Galaxy Electric passed the performance evaluation meeting of "national major scientific instrument and equipment development key project" held by the Ministry of science and technology in Beijing, and the evaluation result was excellent.
In July 2021, Hunan Provincial intelligent testing and metering Engineering Technology Research Center for variable frequency power was officially inaugurated.
In March 2021, Galaxy Electric Guangzhou Branch was officially established.
In December 2020, Hunan Yinhe Electric Co., Ltd. officially approved the construction of the "Hunan Provincial intelligent testing and metering Engineering Technology Research Center for variable frequency power".
In December 2020, Galaxy Electric Co organized the national artificial intelligence robot competition.
In November 2020, Galaxy Electric won the first prize of Hunan advanced technology transformation and application competition.
In August 2020, Galaxy Electric exhibition hall was officially opened to the public.
In December 2019, Xu Weizhuan, general manager of Galaxy Electric, was approved as a class C high-level talent in Changsha.
In November 2019, Galaxy Electric undertook the "first frequency conversion power measurement and Measurement Technology Forum" sponsored by the national frequency conversion power measurement instrument measurement station.
Galaxy Electric organized a large-scale team tour of "Inner Mongolia Travel" for all employees and some family members.
In May 2019, the "national key R & D plan" project seminar undertaken by Galaxy Electric was held.
In November 2018, the Ministry of science and technology announced that Galaxy Electric successfully applied for the key special project "development of high accuracy resistance transmission bridge" of the national key research and development plan "development of major scientific instruments and equipment".
In July 2018, the National Engineering Technology Center of variable frequency power measuring instrument metering station was officially established in Hunan Yinhe Electric Co., Ltd.
In July 2018, Galaxy Electric's "1.8mw motor joint commissioning frequency conversion power test system" successfully applied for the first major technical equipment recognition and award project in Hunan Province.
In March 2018, Galaxy Electric's "variable frequency power measurement system" successfully applied for the project to be supported by the special fund for the development of military civilian integration industry in Hunan Province.
In June 2017, Galaxy Electric acquired polariselec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and established the Beijing current sensor business department on this basis to further strengthen the high-precision electricity measurement level of Galaxy Electric.
In February 20, 2017, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CRRC equipment.
In November 29, 2016, a subsidiary TEAMTALL ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. was established, excellent blood inheritance "Chinese frequency TEAMTALL ELECTRIC power measurement in the fields of enterprise, to inject more powerful power source manufacturing industry in East china.
December 16, 2016, the party branch of HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. was formally established.
The HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. and Hunan province Metrology Research Institute jointly drafted the first frequency electrical measuring instrument the national standard "JJF 1559-2016 variable frequency power analyzer calibration standard", "JJF 1558-2016 measuring frequency transmitter calibration standard" was formally promulgated.
May 2016, in May 2016, the country has been formally set up a frequency conversion power metering station, the standard source of the galaxy and the standard table to become an important component.
In December 2015, the subsidiary VTALL information was established, VTALL information professionals engaged in equipment quality control, health monitoring and related system development, production, sales and service.
In 2015, the YINHE ELECTRIC deep industry, servo motor test system, the gyro motor test system, rotary transformer test system developed by the main R & D spending officially launched, the three products launched to break the foreign brand of three kinds of sophisticated motor testing monopoly.
The HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. entered the list of second confidential qualification units, marking the YINHE ELECTRIC can undertake the task of the weapons and equipment research and production in the allowable range, to lay a good foundation for the company to develop the military military market and the future in the field of military forces for further development.
In August 26, 2014, a subsidiary of HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. was established the YINHE ATITAN, the YINHE ATITAN specializing in power measurement, power measurement, special power and special power products R & D, production, sales and service.
Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision organization held a "variable frequency electrical measuring instrument measuring transducer and electrical measuring instrument" "frequency analyzer" standard of Hunan province will be audited, the series of standards to fill the field of frequency conversion measurement instrument standard blank, at the international leading level.
AnyWay power analyzer to complete the operation of the KYLIN operating system, marking the AnyWay power analyzer is officially used with China's own intellectual property rights of the KYLIN operating system.
YINHE ELECTRIC senior adjustment strategic deployment, to give up the system integration business, the company focused on building a variable frequency power measurement instruments, and strengthen cooperation with distributors and integrators. With Jin Kaibo, has well-known electronic industry dealers and methylene blue in Turk, China International, division of outstanding domestic integrators reached a strategic cooperation;
In 2013, the YINHE ELECTRIC first launched the frequency current traceability system call based on ATITAN variable frequency power source standard research, in March 2013, completed the drafting of variable frequency power transmitter, frequency conversion power analyzer product standards; complete the preparation of calibration specification, frequency conversion power transmitter power analyzer verification regulation.
In accordance with the instructions of the State Administration of quality supervision, and the Hunan Provincial Institute of Metrology and testing, National University of Defense Technology, together with the preparation of the national frequency measurement instruments.
August 12, 2012, by the HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd., Hunan Province Institute of Metrology and testing and national defense science and Technology University jointly assume the frequency conversion power standard source of scientific and technological achievements will be held in Changsha. The results of identification will be chaired by the Hunan provincial science and Technology Department, the appraisal committee director Zhang Zhonghua academician China Institute of metrology, China Engineering Institute; vice chairman, chief researcher at the Institute of metrology, China chairman of National Technical Committee of electromagnetic measurement Lu Zuliang and Graduate School of Tsinghua University, vice president, executive director of the Institute of Professor Chinese measurement test, fifth the electromagnetic board committee Zhao Wei; the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the chief engineer Liu Zhuohui also identified as members attended the meeting. According to the appraisal appraisal procedure of scientific and technological achievements by the research group, and the relevant units of "power standard frequency source" of scientific and technological achievements of the report, after identification of the Commission agreed to discuss: variable power measurement technology of the project is a hot topic of international metrology, technical difficulty; solve the bottleneck problem in energy saving and emission reduction such as variable frequency power measurement technology; the development of high voltage and large current power frequency standard source, to fill the gaps over global, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, the range and the frequency range of the technical index of International leading level. In accordance with the instructions of the State Administration of quality supervision, and the Hunan Provincial Institute of Metrology and testing, National University of Defense Technology, together with the preparation of the national frequency measurement instruments.
September 26, 2011, commissioned by the Shanghai Institute of electric science, hosted by the Hunan Institute of measurement and testing, the testing center of HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. the Milky Way frequency power, with FLUKE6100B as compared with the standard source, the test system and AnyWay broadband power testing system with an imported high precision power analyzer with high precision Holzer sensor consisting of the contrast the object of power frequency test comparison. Compared with the test data, it is shown that AnyWay has obvious advantages in addition to the 1 indicators than the imported high precision power analyzer, the other 11 indicators have obvious advantages, and all the indicators are far better than the nominal technical indicators. Compared to the test win, marking the AnyWay broadband power test system performance indicators have reached a new milestone, AnyWay is expected to enter the field of high precision test base, such as frequency conversion standard.
Hunan Provincial Institute of Metrology and our company jointly invited, China Metrology Institute chief researcher, chairman of Mr. Lu Zuliang, the National Technical Committee of electromagnetic measurement of Hunan Metrology Institute Vice President Hu Kuangsheng visited the YINHE ELECRTRIC. Li Yinxuan, director of the science and Technology Department of Hunan Academy of metrology, and Xu, chief engineer of Galaxy Electric, and Professor Wang made a technical report on the special subject of "the research on the method of measuring the value of the variable frequency power measuring equipment". Chief Lu of our company in the field of variable frequency power to make a contribution to give full recognition and a high degree of evaluation and encourage us to continue efforts in the field of variable frequency power testing, bold innovation, and create new achievements.
Company testing technology research and development center officially launched the drafting of national standards for the development of inverter power.
The company's first official publication. Named "thinking" publications, moral thinking and exploration, thinking magazines undertake promoting enterprise culture, create a good cultural environment, building a harmonious team, leading the innovative thinking of the historical mission, in the joint efforts of all staff and active participation, will gradually form a characteristic. Company testing technology research and development center officially launched the drafting of national standards for the development of inverter power.
HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. trade unions set up.
Our company competed with other world famous enterprises from Germany, Finland, France with the highest score, comprehensive cost, to obtain the total contract of China's first offshore wind turbine medium voltage high power test system. In October 2010 the test system to complete the installation and commissioning work. In November 16th, China's first offshore wind power generator 5MW medium voltage 3300V, the official line, the expert group evaluation, our construction of the MV, 5MW offshore wind turbine test system because of advanced technology, reliable performance, reasonable layout, strict construction, pleasant environment was awarded the "national key laboratory".
In order to improve the staff working environment, create a good corporate image of business, in March 18, 2010, the company purchased the new office in Changsha CETZ, the new office of the overall decoration construction has officially entered the bidding process. The future of the new office will be set up four functional areas: administrative management, marketing and planning center, product display center, variable frequency power testing center. The new office fully reflects the people-oriented, highlighting the brand value of the design concept and style.
In March 2010, our company AnyWay broadband power test system has been authorized by the German National Institute of physics, SIEMENS Test Technology Research Center issued DKD certification. The certification, marking the company's testing products have been fully recognized in the European market.
August 2009, based on the concept of the Internet of things, a new distributed test system successfully in our company. The system adopts advanced software algorithm and precise and reliable hardware circuit, especially the excellent bus communication technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and can work stably and reliably for a long time. Within 1.2 km, the system can connect up to 128 sets of test sub station, to achieve all of the power and non power measurement, and can be installed at the site nearest distributed, offers a complete solution to the measurement of complex environment! The development of the product to achieve a true sense of the digital measurement, the company successfully break through this technology to achieve the full localization of the technology.
Sponsored by the YINHE ELECTRIC’s staff, the formal establishment of the company "long distance running team". As a quasi military management of the enterprise, the company's efforts to build a steely tough team, a joint initiative of the staff, each employee will become members of the "constant running team", and the discipline of each employee has the general method of binding. The team asked all employees regardless of the weather every day 3000 meters, and become a part of the enterprise system, the staff of life. This activity will play a very good role in promoting the physical fitness, will and psychological quality of the staff.
2009, China's largest power plant by the double fed motor test station comprehensive acceptance.
In June 2008, our company’s solution stand out in many competitors, was recognized by a group of the company's rail vehicle traction test system of the winning unit. As the main unit in this project, to provide users with a full set of equipment, including design, including all technical services. The success of this project marks the company has successfully entered the rail industry.
In January 2008, AnyWay broadband power testing system, following the acquisition of the Hunan Provincial Institute of measurement of the report, has been the Chinese Academy of metrology, China's high voltage measurement station issued a comprehensive test calibration report. Access to a number of test reports, the company's products to further enhance the credibility played a positive role in promoting.
In June 25, 2007, our company became the first general contractor of the MW class wind turbine test system through the fierce competition. The project is the first company to get over ten million orders, marking the comprehensive strength of enterprises to a new level. The project is a 2MW permanent magnet direct drive wind generator test system, fighting by all members over 150 day and night, after a multi-level service overall plan design, non-standard design, technical conditions of construction design and equipment procurement, system debugging, customer service training, provides a variable frequency power supply test system a set of advanced, mature, stable and reliable for users, providing technical support for the China first 2MW wind generator launched successfully. The acceptance of the project marks the first comprehensive management platform based on digital technology in China has achieved a comprehensive success, but also indicates that China's high-power motor test system into the Internet era.
March 2007, successfully developed the world's first set of variable frequency power testing system. The system consists of two parts: broadband power sensor and broadband power analyzer. Broadband power sensor with seamless range conversion, optical fiber transmission, 100KHZ bandwidth, voltage, current synchronization signal acquisition, traceable angle difference and other domestic and foreign first technology and access to a number of national invention patents. The optical fiber is transmitted between the sensor and the instrument to avoid the electromagnetic interference in the electromagnetic environment. 29 expert review committee from across the country well-known universities, well-known enterprises conducted a rigorous evaluation of the product, the product has agreed to reach the world advanced level and formed industrialization base as soon as possible.
November 26, 2006, approved by the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. was formally established. Relying on the National Defense University of science and technology of deep reserves of high-tech enterprises, independent research and development company located in the strategic direction of the field of measurement and control, through the unremitting efforts of the extremely hard and bitter, to take YINHE ELECTRIC into the domestic first-class brand.
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