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Current location:Home pageProduct Center │ IVC (Current to Voltage Modules)

Product overview

IVC (Current to Voltage Modules)

  IVC could transfer and test small current with voltage output as alone devices, which provide more than 1MHz bandwidth. it would be your righ-hand assistant once you hope get voltage signals with smaller ratio error.  All of the standard models you may find from the below form:

Selection and Application

Products Input Output Temperature Coifficient Time stability Accuracy
IVM01-R050L ±0.1A ±5V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM01-R050P ±0.1A ±5V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM01-R050W ±0.1A ±5V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM01-R050B ±0.1A ±5V 10ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM01-R100L ±0.1A ±10V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM01-R100P ±0.1A ±10V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM01-R100W ±0.1A ±10V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM01-R100B ±0.1A ±10V 1ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM02-R025L ±0.2A ±5V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM02-R025P ±0.2A ±5V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM02-R025W ±0.2A ±5V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM02-R025B ±0.2A ±5V 1ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM02-R050L ±0.2A ±10V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM02-R050P ±0.2A ±10V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM02-R050W ±0.2A ±10V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM02-R050B ±0.2A ±10V 10ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM05-R010L ±0.5A ±5V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM05-R010P ±0.5A ±5V 2ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 5ppm
IVM05-R010W ±0.5A ±5V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM05-R010B ±0.5A ±5V 10ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM05-R020L ±0.5A ±10V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM05-R020P ±0.5A ±10V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM05-R020W ±0.5A ±10V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM05-R020B ±0.5A ±10V 10ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM10-R005L ±1.0A ±5V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM10-R005P ±1.0A ±5V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM10-R005W ±1.0A ±5V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM10-R005B ±1.0A ±5V 10ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm
IVM10-R010L ±1.0A ±10V 1ppm/K 10ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM10-R010P ±1.0A ±10V 2ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 10ppm
IVM10-R010W ±1.0A ±10V 5ppm/K 50ppm/yr. 50ppm
IVM10-R010B ±1.0A ±10V 10ppm/K 100ppm/yr. 100ppm

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