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Product overview

APV Voltage Sensors

  Conventional voltage sensors only pay attention to the specific difference, without the nominal angle difference, and are only applicable to the separate measurement of voltage. When the sensor is used to measure power, the angle difference is an important indicator that affects the accuracy of power measurement. Vs series voltage sensors have a clear angle difference index, and the typical angle difference is as low as 1 ', which is more suitable for the selection of power measurement.

Selection and Application

Products Input Max. Ratio Accuracy Linearity Power Supply
APV-100s ±100V ±150V 20V/V 0.05% 100ppm ±15V
APV-100 ±100V ±150V 20V/V 0.10% 200ppm ±15V
APV-200s ±200V ±300V 40V/V 0.05% 200ppm ±15V
APV-200 ±200V ±300V 40V/V 0.10% 200ppm ±15V
APV-500s ±500V ±800V 100V/V 0.05% 100ppm ±15V
APV-500 ±500V ±800V 100V/V 0.10% 200ppm ±15V
APV-1000s ±1000V ±1500V 200V/V 0.05% 100ppm ±15V
APV-1000 ±1000V ±1500V 200V/V 0.10% 200ppm ±15V
APV-1500s ±1500V ±2000V 300V/V 0.05% 100ppm ±15V
APV-1500 ±1500V ±2000V 300V/V 0.10% 200ppm ±15V
APV-2000s ±2000V ±2500V 400V/V 0.05% 100ppm ±15V
APV-2000 ±2000V ±2500V 400V/V 0.10% 200ppm ±15V

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