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Introduction of DP800 digital power meter

Product overview

OneIntroduction of DP800 digital power meter

DP800 digital power meter

DP800 digital power meter

  DP800 digital power meter is a low cost, high precision, suitable for 5~400Hz three-phase sine AC active power measurement of digital virtual instrument.

  The DP800 digital power meter consists of the power unit, the transmission fiber, the OPC232 optical fiber converter and the host computer which installed the digital power meter software.

  The power unit of the DP800 digital power meter includes three voltage channels and three current channels, which can be used to measure the effective value of the three-phase voltage, current effective value, frequency and active power by using the two watt meter method or the three watt meter method. The power unit outputs the digital signal in the way of high speed serial optical fiber communication, which can realize the long-distance and no interference and no attenuation signal transmission of 1000m. Fiber optical fiber signal by the OPC232 converter to establish communication with the host computer RS232 interface, real-time display 17 parameters by digital computer power meter software realization of three-phase voltage, three-phase current, power and frequency etc..

  Voltage and current measurement channel power unit DP800 digital power meter consisted of 8 ranges, broaden the signal measuring range through the automatic range conversion range can be seamless, the input signal 0.4%~100% in rated meets the nominal accuracy index; in order to widen the external sensor measuring range, using multi range sensor or multiple sensors. The automatic range switching DP100 converter to achieve external conversion of multi-channel input signal range.

TwoThe main function of DP800 digital power meter

  ● It can measure the voltage, current effective value and power of the DC circuit, and can measure the voltage, current effective value, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power and other parameters.

  √Simultaneous measurement of the electrical parameters of three independent DC circuits by means of circuit diagrams.

  √Simultaneous measurement of the electrical parameters of three independent single phase AC circuits by means of circuit diagrams.

  √Simultaneous measurement of electrical parameters of a three-phase four wire AC circuit by means of a circuit diagram (three watt meter method).

  √Simultaneous measurement of electrical parameters of a DC circuit and a three-phase three wire AC circuit by means of a circuit diagram (two watt meter method).

  ● Calculate the three-phase three-phases voltage and current unbalance, positive sequence component and negative sequence component and zero sequence component etc..

  ● The digital integral method is used to calculate the electric energy of single phase and three phase points.

  ● The trend curve can be drawn for each parameter.

ThreeMain features of DP800 digital power meter

  ● The front end of digital products, the power unit can be installed in the vicinity of the nearest sensor or a loop, shorten the transmission line from the output of the simulation, optical fiber transmission, to avoid the loss and interference of transmission links, suitable for high precision measurement of complex electromagnetic environment;

  ● The transmission distance between the power unit and the virtual instrument host is optical fiber, and the farthest transmission distance is up to 1000m, which is especially suitable for the occasions where the test field is far away from the main control room.

  ● According to the range of the measured voltage and current, the flexibility to choose different types of power unit, can ensure the accuracy of measurement in the range of 4mA~6A and 0.5V~1000V, and the voltage transformer, current transformer, voltage sensor, current sensor, Holzer, etc. all kinds of electric quantity sensor coil to achieve the best matching range, improve the measurement accuracy of the system;

  ● Multi-channel high precision synchronous measurement, automatic recording measurement results, effectively improve work efficiency;

  ● It can realize the synchronous measurement of electric power and extended torque and rotational speed;

  ● Measured as a multi-range transformer output signal, configuration of DP100 automatic range converter without manual shift, without cumbersome conversion ratio;

  According to the verification certificate, the automatic calibration and compensation of the transformer ratio and angle difference;

  ● It can be used to measure the RMS value of a single cycle, update rate can be set, the fastest update rate of 20mS, combined with the trend curve can capture the details of the dynamic process;

  ● Virtual instrument panel, the user according to the needs of flexible custom equipment;

  ● All the accuracy indicators can be traced back, and provided by the national power meter measuring instruments issued by the verification certificate.


Selection and Application

OnePower unit selection

  DP800 digital power meter can be selected according to the input voltage, current range of different types of power units:

DP800-11type DP800-12type DP800-21type DP800-22type
rated voltage 120V 120V 1000V 1000V
rated current 1A 6A 1A 6A
voltage measurement range 0.5V~120V 0.5V~120V) 4V~1000V 4V~1000V
current measurement range 4mA~1A 25mA~6A  4mA~1A 25mA~6A 

TwoApplication of DP800 digital power meter

  According to the difference of the measured object, the three power units can be combined arbitrarily:

  ● Measurement of the power of a three-phase circuit using three watt meter method.

  ● Two watt meter method is used to measure the three-phase power of a synchronous motor.

  ● Two power units are used to measure the input and output power.

  ● The following is the schematic diagram of the three-phase power measurement of the DP800 digital power meter for the rated voltage 690V and the maximum current of 2000A:

Schematic diagram of DP800 digital power meter

Performance parameter

OneNominal accuracy of DP800 digital power meter

   ●  voltage:0.4%-100%UN
   ●  current:0.4%-100%IN
   ●  frequency:DC,5Hz-400Hz
   ●  power factor:0.2-1。 

TwoThe main precision index of DP800 digital power meter

   ●  voltage: 0.2%rd;
   ●  current: 0.2%rd;
   ●   frequency: 0.1%rd;
   ●  power: 0.5%rd。

ThreeOther technical indicators of DP800 digital power meter

   ●   Resolving power:16位AD;
   ●  sampling frequency:100kHz;
   ●  Update cycle: full cycle measurement, 20mS-20S can be set.

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