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OPC232 fiber optic converter

Product overview


  RS-232-C is the U.S. electronics industry association EIA (Electronic Industry Association) a serial physical interface standard. RS is the English "recommended standard" abbreviation, 232 for the identification number, C number of changes. RS-232-C bus standard has 25 signal lines, including a main channel and an auxiliary channel.

  In most cases, the main use of the main channel for general duplex communication, only a few signal lines can be realized, such as a transmission line, a receiving line and a ground wire. RS-232-C standard data transmission rate is 50, 75, 100, 150, 600, 1200, 300, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 Potter.

  The standard of RS-232-C, 2500pF drive allows capacitive load, the communication distance will be affected by the capacitance limit, for example, by communication cable 150pF/m, maximum communication distance is 15m; if the capacitance per meter of the cable is reduced, the communication distance can be increased. Another reason for the short transmission distance is that the RS-232 is a single end signal transmission, there is a common ground noise and can not inhibit common mode interference and other issues, it is generally used for communications within 20m.

  The defects of RS232 communication are as follows:

  1. the value of the interface signal level is high, easy to damage the interface circuit chip, but also because the level of TTL is not compatible with the need to use the level conversion circuit can be connected with the TTL circuit.

  2. the transmission rate is low in asynchronous transmission, the baud rate is generally not more than 20Kbps, in general in industrial application, the comprehensive program usually the baud rate is not higher than 19200bps.

  3. the interface uses a signal line and a signal return line to form the transmission mode of the common ground, which is easy to produce common mode interference.

  4. the transmission distance is limited, the maximum transmission distance standard value of 50 feet, in fact, can only be used in about 15 meters.

TwoOPC232 fiber optic converter

  Because of the defects of RS232 communication, it has been greatly limited in practical application.

  Based on the market demand, the YINHE ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. specially developed a fiber - optical fiber converter OPC232 converter, the product will be RS232 level signal into an optical signal for long distance transmission through the optical fiber, in a pair of RS232 interconnection between devices on the optical fiber, the optical fiber interface for the ST interface, the distance of multi-mode fiber 1000m.

  Due to the use of optical fiber as transmission medium, to avoid the interference of different node potentials caused by different burning equipment and strong electromagnetic induction, caused by high voltage, has the advantages of high isolation voltage, anti electromagnetic interference, anti lightning etc.. OPC232 fiber optic converter is widely used in various industrial control, distributed data acquisition and other occasions, especially suitable for power system automation, traffic control, inverter control, automated testing and other fields.

ThreeProduct features

  1、The optical signal is converted into a RS232 signal and is switched automatically

  2、Zero delay automatic transceiver conversion technology and baud rate adaptive technology characteristic

  3、Automatic control of data flow, do not need any handshake signal (such as RTS, DTR, etc.)

  4、The power supply part has positive and negative pole connection and internal Overcurrent Protection

  5、The product overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional RS232 signal transmission distance is short and the anti-interference ability is poor

  6、The utility model solves the problems of electromagnetic interference, ground ring interference, lightning strike and surge, and ensures the reliability and security of communication Product support wall type, guide rail type installation industry

  7、Product support wall mounted, industrial rail installation

  8、Support RS232 (DB9 head) interface

  9、Automatically detect serial port rate, identify and control the direction of data transmission

  10、Working wavelength: 1310nm

  11、、Maximum communication rate 500Kbps

  12、Interface provides 1500W surge protection, 15kV ESD protection

Selection and Application

FourProduct application

  OPC232 optical fiber converter is widely used in various industrial control, distributed data acquisition, big screen splicing wall, remote monitoring and other occasions, especially suitable for the field of power system automation, traffic control, inverter control, automatic test etc.

  Its typical application schematic is shown below:

OPC232 optical fiber converter for long range no disturbance transmission

OPC232 optical fiber converter for long range no disturbance transmission

Performance parameter

Performance parameter

  Fiber interface: ST

  Fiber wavelength: 1310nm

  Suitable for optical fiber: multimode 62.5/125 mu m

  Transmission distance: 0-400M

  Transmission rate: 300---115200bps adaptive (RS-232 port)

  Surge protection: each line has 600W lightning, surge protection

  Electrical interface: RS-232 for DB9 hole standard industrial terminal, power supply for 3.5mm socket

  Working temperature: -40 degrees C--85 degrees C

  Working humidity: 5--95%

  Input voltage: +5VD or 6--12VDC DC power supply (optional)

  Reverse connection protection: VCC and GND between the reverse protection

  Power consumption: less than 1W

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