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TN4000 electronic torque meter

Product overview

OneTN4000 electronic torque meter

  TN4000 electronic torque meter is a new type of a torque electrical measuring instrument made by YINHE ELECTRIC, it has changed the traditional method of measuring the torque, simple measuring torque as the power meter for measuring electric power, torque measurement is widely used in fan and water pump motor system.

  The traditional torque measuring instrument can calculate the output power of the motor by measuring torque and rotational speed:

  ◆ Need special equipment, motor or torque instrument may lead to different connecting fixture;

  ◆ The improper installation will increase the torque measurement error or damage the torque meter;

  ◆ The measuring range of torque and speed / torque instrument is narrow, large torque, high speed torque may lead to damage, but too small torque and low speed will lead to inaccurate measurement of torque meter;

  ◆ Pump and motor / blower, take some fixed connection, because the shaft of motor and fan, water pump can not be separated, can not install the traditional torque meter.

  Electronic torque torque measurement instrument changes the traditional method, by measuring the electrical parameters and the rotation speed of the motor input parameters such as calculating the output power of the motor shaft, the motor shaft according to the power and speed to calculate the torque of the motor.

TN4000 electronic torque meter

Chart 1 TN4000 electronic torque meter host

TwoThe principle of TN4000 electronic torque meter

  TN4000 electronic torque meter refers to the mechanical connection, and the electrical connection with the electric meter is very similar to a very simple way.

  The principle of TN4000 electronic torque meter is based on the energy conservation theorem. That is:

  The input power of the motor is the output energy of the motor and the energy loss during the transformation of the electrical energy and mechanical energy.

  The loss in the process of electric energy and mechanical energy transformation includes: iron loss, mechanical loss, stator copper loss, rotor copper loss and stray loss.

  TN4000 electronic torque meter is through the measurement of the motor in the process of electrical parameters and temperature, rotational speed and other parameters, the calculation of the various losses, and then get the output shaft power.

  The utility model is composed of an electric parameter testing unit, a rotation speed testing unit, a temperature testing unit and a display instrument. The display instrument includes expert database, arithmetic unit and man-machine interface.

  The electric parameter test unit of TN4000 electronic torque meter is used to measure the input power of the motor, the parameters such as voltage, frequency, harmonics and so on.

  The speed of TN4000 electronic torque tester is used to measure the rotation speed, the speed of rotation, the iron loss and the stator copper loss. According to the needs, the speed test unit can be installed without the installation of induction tachometer, speed when no need to install, just put (or fixed) in the vicinity of the motor can be.

  The temperature measuring unit of TN4000 electronic torque tester is used to test the temperature of the stator and rotor windings, which is used to compensate the parameters of stator and rotor copper loss caused by the temperature change.

  TN4000 electronic torque meter calculation unit to complete the calculation of the loss, combined with the input power to calculate the shaft power, and then calculate the motor torque based on the speed.

  Expert database to preserve the characteristics of various types of motor parameters, if the manual input of the relevant parameters of the motor test, will be able to effectively improve the measurement accuracy of TN4000 electronic torque meter.

  TN4000 electronic torque meter man-machine interface display motor input power and output shaft power parameters.

The principle of TN4000 electronic torque meter

Chart 2 The principle of TN4000 electronic torque meter

ThreeMain features of TN4000 electronic torque meter

1Convenient use

  The user does not need to spend a lot of money to buy all kinds of different types of torque sensor and coupling to achieve the needs of different types of motor test, there is no need to spend a lot of time and manpower to install, coupling torque sensor.

  TN4000 electronic torque meter only need one operator for a few minutes to complete the installation, calibration work.

2Wide range measurement

  TN4000 electronic torque speed measurement instrument using wide measuring range SP series inverter power sensor measuring motor electrical parameters, using a wide range of DM series frequency testing, accurate measurement of a torque meter can achieve 0.005%~100% rated shaft power, for inspection and testing laboratory most motor system, the torque test of all types of motors can be achieved only by configuring a torque meter according to the maximum motor power.

3Multi parameter measurement  

  Measuring the motor output torque and speed at the same time, also can measure voltage, current, frequency, power, harmonic input electric parameters and motor speed, operating temperature and other parameters, using the same set of device can simultaneously achieve test motor and motor system.



Selection and Application

OnePower unit selection

  There is no direct relation between the application range of the TN4000 electronic torque meter and the motor torque speed, only the power unit can be selected according to the voltage and current of the motor under test (electric parameter test unit). The power unit has SP series inverter power sensor and DT series digital transmitter, in order to make it have wide application range, the power unit to recommend the use of SP series inverter power sensor with high precision and wide range measurement capability.

TwoTN4000 electronic torque meter purchase information

Name Configuration specification Remarks
Power measurement module 1. SP series variable frequency power sensor
2. DT series digital transmitter (1280V, 128A)
3. DT series digital transmitter + voltage and current sensor
Three choose one
Speed measuring module 1. DM4022 induction tachometer
2. DM4022 speed module + photoelectric speed sensor
Temperature measurement module DM4031 Optional
Electronic torque meter software TN4000 Optional

ThreeApplication of TN4000 electronic torque meter

  ● The motor or motor system test that cannot or is not easy to install a conventional torque meter;

  ● Fan and pump type test and factory test;

  ● Real time operation energy efficiency monitoring of fan and water pump.

  ● Research on energy saving of motor system.

Performance parameter

OneMain technical specifications of TN4000 electronic torque meter

  Speed accuracy: 0.05%

  Input voltage accuracy: 0.75%-150% rated range, reading 0.2%;

  Input current accuracy: 1%-200% rated range, reading 0.2%;

  Input power accuracy: power factor in the range of 0.2-1, reading 0.5%;

  Output power accuracy: 0.2%-0.5% (with motor no-load test data accuracy);

  Torque accuracy: 0.2%-0.5% (with motor no-load test data accuracy).



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