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DMC300 digital host

Product overview

DMC300 digital host

OneHigh speed serial data collector

  The DMC300 digital host is designed to build a high-speed synchronous data acquisition system based on distributed serial bus, the data acquisition synchronization and high speed can be compared with the ordinary parallel data acquisition system.

  The main function of DMC300 digital host is completed between distributed substation and PC data transfer and management protocol, can be used to construct virtual instruments based on Fieldbus or low-speed computer data acquisition system.

  DMC300 digital host distributed to online through the optical fiber or RS485 station synchronous measurement instruction, by the fast way to read each polling station equipment information machine measurement data, and centralized processing after upload to the host computer equipment information and data.

  DMC300 digital host communication with the host computer interface for RS232 or USB2.0, can achieve 1 to 128 distributed sub station with the host computer, communication management, the highest sampling rate of 100ksps/ channel, even the big more than and 100 channel system, the overall sampling rate can reach more than 1000sps, synchronous data acquisition and strictly control all the sub station all the channel, as a data acquisition system of serial bus, the synchronous speed and performance fully comparable with ordinary parallel data acquisition system.

  DMC300 digital between the host and the distributed sub station uses the optical fiber as the communication medium, effectively blocking electromagnetic interference transmission and monitoring center of industrial control field, has the characteristics of high isolation voltage, good electromagnetic compatibility, anti lightning etc.. Industrial design, all surface mount technology to ensure the reliability and stability of the long-term operation of the product, especially suitable for the field of electromagnetic environment is relatively harsh industrial field data acquisition and control system.

TwoDMC300 digital host principle

DMC300 digital host principle

 Figure 1 The principle of computer data acquisition system of DMC300 digital host construction

ThreeDMC300 digital host features

  ◆ The AnyBus high speed serial optical fiber bus is used to communicate between the DMC300 digital host and the distributed measurement and control subsystem, which has strong EMC performance;

  ◆ DMC300 digital host can communicate with 128 distributed measurement and control subsystems, and can be used to build a variety of complex data acquisition system;

  ◆ DMC300 digital host polling to find distributed measurement and control system sub station, efficient communication, centralized management;

  ◆ DMC300 digital host with industrial design, reliable and stable operation.

Performance parameter

OnePerformance parameter

  ◆ Working power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz;

  ◆ PC interface: RS232/USB2.0;

  ◆ Measurement and control module interface: Anybus high speed serial optical fiber bus interface;

  ◆ Polling: support custom queries;

  ◆ Polling cycle: 2 ~ 100000 times per second;

  ◆ Power consumption: less than 2W;

  ◆ Operating temperature: 0 degrees C ~ 40.

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