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DH2000 digital host

Product overview

OneHigh speed data acquisition system of virtual instrument

  The DH2000 digital host is a virtual instrument based on the digital technology of the front end, which is a high speed data acquisition device that supports the transient and steady state data acquisition and management.

  As a high speed data acquisition device of virtual instrument, DH2000 digital host is an important part of DH2000 data acquisition system, and it is the bridge between the digital measurement front-end and the host computer. The DH2000 digital host has 6 digital front end communication interfaces, multiple digital hosts can be cascaded to achieve synchronous acquisition of the channel expansion. Digital front-end can be DT series digital transmitter or SP series converter power sensor any model.

  DH2000 digital host is connected with host computer by USB2.0 interface, can be used to build power analyzer, harmonic analyzer and power quality analyzer, virtual instrument multi-channels oscilloscope special frequency measurement or paperless recorder, comprehensive parameter test system of general-purpose computer data acquisition system.

TwoDH2000 digital host function

  The DH2000 digital host is connected with the host computer through USB2.0, the host computer runs the digital host service program and the user application program.

  The digital host service program is a bridge between the host and the application:

  1. through the USB2.0 interface and digital host communication. Such as: issued instructions to set the working state of the digital host, accept the original data from the digital host.

  2. the original data from the digital host pretreatment. For example, the raw data from the data base is calibrated according to the range information and calibration information in the original data.

  3. the analysis of the transient data to get a variety of measured signal characteristic value (hereinafter referred to as steady-state data). Such as: DC component, fundamental RMS, true RMS, active power, displacement factor, etc.

  4. the application through the UDP communication protocol and digital host service program communication. Such as: setting the update cycle, the scale conversion state, data transmission mode, to obtain the steady-state data and transient data.

  5. DH2000 digital host running service program, the user can use it as a general data acquisition card.

The USB interface of the front panel DH2000 and the communication indication lamp of the high speed collector of virtual instrument

High speed data acquisition system of virtual instrument _DH2000 digital host interface and communication indicator

ThreeDH2000 digital host application

  1. YINHE ELECTRIC will provide powerful, flexible application of DH2000 data acquisition and analysis platform for users to choose;

  2. YINHE ELECTRIC can be customized for a variety of virtual instrument applications. Such as: multi-channels oscilloscope, frequency conversion power analyzer, audio power analyzer, harmonic analyzer, power quality analyzer, vibration and noise analyzer, multi-channels computer data acquisition system, etc.;

  3. YINHE ELECTRIC open communication protocol and a variety of virtual instrument application routines source code, users can easily develop their own applications.

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