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AP2003 frequency conversion power standard meter

Product overview

 AP2003 appearance

OneOverview of AP2003 frequency conversion power standard meter

  Overview of AP2003 frequency conversion power standard meter

  AP20013frequency conversion power standard meter is a broadband, high precision, low angle differential single phase power meter, can be used to replace a variety of multi-function standard meter to achieve power frequency and variable frequency power meter calibration and verification.

  AP2003 frequency conversion power standard is mainly used for measuring the frequency of voltage and current, power, frequency, phase, power harmonic parameter measurement or calibration; power parameters including active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and harmonic power; voltage and current parameters including fundamental effective value, average value calibration really, RMS, harmonics and total harmonic distortion parameters. The utility model can be used for error calibration or calibration of various single-phase power meters, single phase active power, reactive energy meters, various digital voltage and current meters, multi-function standard tables, etc..

  In addition to the conventional measurement, the AP2003 frequency conversion power standard meter also has the main function of the oscilloscope and harmonic detector, which can display the real time waveform and harmonic spectrum of the measured voltage and current.

the principle of AP2003 frequency conversion power standard meter

Chart 1 the principle of AP2003 frequency conversion power standard meter

TwoMain features of AP2001 frequency conversion power standard table

  ● High accuracy measurement: voltage, current error 0.01%rd+0.03%fs, power error is the reading of 0.02%rd+0.03%fs;

  ● Wide range measurement: voltage measurement range 0.1V ~ 1280V; current measurement range 4mA ~ 6A; fundamental frequency measurement range 0.1 ~ 1500Hz;

  ● Automatic range switching without manual shift;

  ● High measurement resolution: voltage, current, power 5 digit display, phase resolution of 0.001 degrees, frequency resolution 0.001Hz;

  ● Software calibration, efficient and quick;

  ● Friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate;

  ● Ethernet interface can be controlled by the host PC and data management;

  ● Equipped with high-speed USB interface, can store large amounts of data quickly to the outside.

Performance parameter

Technical index
Range Voltage
Electric current
Fundamental frequency
Accuracy Voltage
Electric current
Human-computer interaction LCD
Communication interface: RJ45
External storage: USB
UDP 协议
Appearance Size

   Note: when 50Hz, the difference between the limit value of 0.01 degrees, 1500Hz, the difference between the limit value of the angle of 0.01 degrees, the power of different power factor measurement accuracy can be converted.


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