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DH2000 data acquisition system

Product overview

DH2000 data acquisition system

OneDH2000 data acquisition system

  DH2000 data acquisition system is a modular virtual instrument system, which integrates multi functions, high performance and flexibility. The front acquisition module model range, performance excellence, strong expansibility, and can be widely used in various engineering and scientific testing, especially suitable for the rapid construction of complex electromagnetic environment of the high accuracy data acquisition and analysis system.


Application example of DH2000 data acquisition system

  The system supports transient or steady-state synchronous data acquisition, optical fiber interface output, combined with efficient and powerful application software for you to complete the high accuracy, high flexibility, excellent performance of EMC high speed data acquisition and analysis of all kinds of automation applications.

  The system provides a package service of UDP protocol with perfect function and flexible application, second times the development of simple data based on your user can be tailored to the support, application software development, set up the most suitable data acquisition system of their own.

DH2000 data acquisition system

TwoDH2000 data acquisition system

  DH2000 data acquisition system is composed of DH2000 digital host, digital front-end, host computer and related software. Its principle is as follows:

The principle of DH2000 data acquisition system

  The principle of DH2000 data acquisition system

  Digital front-end can be DT series digital transmitter, SP series frequency conversion power sensor or DM series distributed test sub station.

  DH2000 digital host can be divided into DH2000-6, DH2000-4 digital and digital host host DH2000-2 digital host according to the configuration of digital front-end, respectively, can be equipped with 6, 4 and 2 SP series inverter power sensor or digital DT transmitter, the DH2000-6 and DH2000-4 digital master machine can also connect 32 DM series distributed test station.

ThreeMain features of DH2000 data acquisition system

1Front-end digitizing

  The digital front end is installed in the vicinity of the test point, the measured signal is digitized on the spot, there is no loss and interference in the signal transmission, and it is convenient for network and intelligent application. At the same time, optical fiber transmission has a strong anti-interference ability, is widely used in inverter, rectifier and other strong electromagnetic radiation situations, affect the system accuracy will not be affected by the transmission line and interference, low installation requirements and high measuring accuracy.

2Inherent advantages of virtual instrument

  DH2000 data acquisition system provides you with data service support, open communication protocol, so you can:

  In C/C++, elphi, LabVIEW, VB, and so on a variety of programming environment called DH2000 digital host to provide data services;

  Develop their own application software to define the functional characteristics of the measurement system, in order to tailor their test requirements;

  For other user control and flexibility issues are also provided with a comprehensive function and node attributes.

3Rapid construction and flexible configuration

  In order to help you quickly build a set of high - profile testing system, you can also choose the DH2000 data collection and analysis platform that we developed for the high-end applications. The software is flexible, intuitive, easy to operate, is a real-time data display, real-time waveform display and analysis, data analysis and other multi-functional data acquisition and analysis software.

4Multiple measurement solutions

  DH2000 data acquisition system based on SP series inverter power sensor, DT series digital transmitter, DM series distributed test sub station for digital front-end, users can self programming virtual instrument technology to construct the multi-channel oscilloscope, paperless recorder, power analyzer, harmonic analysis instrument and electric power parameters comprehensive test system for special measuring instruments, audio quality analyzer based on various analyzers.

  Data acquisition program of our engineers will be combined with the actual test requirements of your recommended optimization for you, whether you need a simple application is extremely complicated, DH2000 data acquisition hardware and software products are your highest cost-effective choice.

 DH2000 data acquisition system interface

DH2000 data acquisition system interface

Selection and Application

OneSelection of DH2000 data acquisition system

  The hardware platform of DH2000 data acquisition and analysis system is composed of digital front end and digital host. The digital front end includes SP series frequency conversion power sensor, DT series digital transmitter or DM series distributed measurement sub station. You can choose any type and number of digital front-end.

  You can select DH2000-6, DH2000-4, or DH2000-2 digital hosts based on the type and number of your digital front ends.

  According to your needs, you can choose YINHE ELECTRIC developed the multi-channel oscilloscope, paperless recorder, power analyzer, harmonic analyzer, power quality analyzer, audio analyzer and other special virtual instrument application software;

  You can also choose to contain rich data display function, powerful data processing capability and improve the management of database report function of universal comprehensive computer data acquisition system DH2000 data acquisition system, can be very good to meet all kinds of electrical and non electrical parameters of various measurement and analysis need.

  If these are not able to achieve your needs, you can also provide the DH2000 digital hosting services and a number of application routines source code on the basis of Galaxy Electric, the development of application software.

Application case of DH2000 data acquisition system

Application case of DH2000 data acquisition system

DH2000 data acquisition system construction of professional virtual instrument -- DH2000 frequency conversion power analyzer

  ● Please refer to the product application.

Performance parameter

OneBasic index of DH2000 data acquisition system

  ● USB2.0 interface, the highest data rate of 29MByte/S;

  ● Up to 12 sampling channels, all channels are sampled synchronously, the highest sampling frequency for each channel is 250kHz;

  ● 16 bit AD sampling, sampling results using four byte floating point representation;

TwoMain functions of DH2000 data acquisition system

  ● The fundamental RMS, RMS and harmonic measurement of sampled signal;

  ● Fundamental power, active power and harmonic power measurement of combined channel;

  ● Digital meter or display pointer instrument;

  ● Trend curve display;

  ● Real time waveform display, support for a long time recording (recording time depends on the hard disk space) and playback, can achieve all kinds of paperless recorder, and storage capacity is much larger than the conventional paperless recorder;

  ● Harmonic analysis, maximum support 2000 harmonic analysis;

  ● Digital filtering, Butterworth, Chebyshev, such as a variety of optional order of the order, the cut-off frequency of the optional low-pass, band-pass, high pass digital filter.

ThreePrecision index of DH2000 data acquisition system

  ● DH2000 data acquisition system depends on the accuracy index of front end digital products using: SP series inverter power sensor, DT series and DM series distributed digital transmitter station.

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