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YINHE ELECTRIC stationed in Jinhua, causing concern

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  • time:2017/4/1 11:58:56
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YINHE ELECTRIC stationed in Jinhua

                            ——Zhejiang Teamtall Electric lead with a number of media reports

  The HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC subsidiary Zhejiang Teamtall Electric Co. Ltd. since its opening in October 29th, attracted much attention in the local, Jinhua administrative committee, Jinhua City Federation of industry and Commerce and the local government of Teamtall Electric said a warm welcome, the economic life channel of Jinhua television, Jinhua TV channel, science and Technology Education and other media have carried out a detailed report.

  Zhejiang Teamtall Electric Co. Ltd. is the HUNAN YINHE ELECTRIC in Zhejiang a subsidiary, YINHE ELECTRIC Co. Ltd. is the measurement of variable frequency power the world's leading manufacturers, have a first-class research team, is the national standard China frequency electrical measuring instrument makers. Now with the YINHE ELECTRIC industry's most cutting-edge research achievements, the most professional team located in Jinhua science and Technology Park, will provide sophisticated power control technology and products for the Jinhua area and East China's enterprises.


Teamtall electric chairman interview

  The Chinese Academy of Sciences Jinhua CMC director Zhu Weifeng said: the YINHE ELECTRIC has a national and even international leading technology and products, the enterprise can lead to the YINHE ELECTRIC such as GE Jinhua, the development of local high-tech industry and manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of enterprises is very important.

  Teamtall Mr. Xu Weizhuan electric chairman said: at present, more and more domestic enterprises pay attention to the product quality of this piece, I hope our electric can be based in Jinhua, in support of the parent company of the YINHE ELECTRIC technology, a breakthrough in the electric vehicle charging pile, sensors, and then the products and technology of radiation to the entire area of East china.