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After-sale service

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OneThe service description

  The YINHE ELECTRIC adhere to the "every little thing you are, is the event of YINHE ELECTRIC" as the service concept, adhere to the "pre-sale, sale, customer service" three service. Pre-sales service is strictly control the whole process from market research, product design, parts procurement, production assembly to finished products, all products have to pass strict inspection before mass production, put forward the "do not take the user as the test piece" slogan. The sale of services that the user purchased the YINHE ELECTRIC products before to provide technical consulting and design services to a full range of products; in the purchase, installation and commissioning services professional, guide the user's normal use of products, but also using the unit according to the demand for the use of training equipment management personnel professional unit. YINHE ELECTRIC believes that only high-quality products and reasonable optimization of the system design and professional quality of after-sales service, in order to truly achieve the purpose of all galactic electrical services——user satisfaction".

  YINHE ELECTRIC’s after-sales service policy: accurate information, quick response, effective handling, customer satisfaction


TwoNationwide after-sales service system

  ● After-sale service

  With the increasing technological content of products, users are increasingly strict requirements for products, services is becoming an important factor in the development of enterprises, in order to ensure to provide the best quality service to users, give full play to the YINHE ELECTRIC fast and effective service advantages, our company based on years of practical experience, the regional customer service perfect service system in China within the scope of. The Milky Way electrical customer service service system through the market and the test of time, is the YINHE ELECTRIC lead can guarantee in the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, the following is a detailed description of the Milky Way electrical customer service service system.

  YINHE ELECTRIC service architecture diagram:

YINHE ELECTRIC service architecture diagram

  ● YINHE ELECTRIC service system

  Composition of: including regional manager, customer service, customer service, technical service supervisor engineer service engineer, software engineer, customer service manager etc..

  The regional manager is responsible for the coordination of all after-sales service work in the area and the daily work arrangement of the after-sales service engineer. Customer service supervisor is responsible for customer service management system of the company; to supervise and manage the customer service; technical support engineer is responsible for troubleshooting and technical training, technical customer service; customer service engineer is responsible for the maintenance and processing of products in various regions, and to solve the problem of the user; support software engineer is responsible for customer service difficult software technology customer service; administrator is responsible for user data collection and sorting area.

  Area within the scope of work with professional customer service service engineer, and the establishment of the "fast customer service service teams, to ensure 24 hours a day at any time to the customer service requirements to make timely and properly, in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

  ● Service procedure

  Establish a perfect user file

  When product factory, marketing center with the user do customer service tracking, details of user units, use the unit (name, address, zip code, telephone, contacts, etc.) the input computer management, the establishment of detailed user files for later at any time to provide users with timely and perfect service.

  Perfect user warranty certificate

  According to the contract or agreement signed with the customer requirements, assist users to clear content of warranty, the warranty period, the rights and obligations of both the company and the user defined. In the warranty period of the product failure, our company free maintenance and repair. Failure in the warranty period of our products, according to customer service maintenance cost and material cost of service pricing.


  ● Service scope

  1.According to the requirements of the user to send the installation guide to site installation;

  2.Product Startup Test and software debugging;

  3.Product maintenance during warranty period;

  4.After the warranty period of the product maintenance;

  5.Technical support to customers on all product issues.

  ● Emergency service response time

  1.Hunan customers (radius of service within 100km), should be within 24 hours to reach the scene;

  2.Outside the customer (service radius of more than 100km), or need to contact with the supporting manufacturers, should be given within 12 hours to reply to the user, within 48 hours to reach the scene;


  ● Service charge standard

  Price maintenance service charges strictly enforce the national and local standards, service fees and user satisfaction after consultation. For the absence of national and local laws and regulations, will strictly enforce the provisions of the company(YINHE ELECTRIC) charges.


  ● Product warranty period

  With product technology and manufacturing technology has become more sophisticated, the reliability of equipment, products have been improved, our company is a professional company with many years of manufacturing experience, product quality and reliable performance, has been in the leading position, our company has enough confidence to provide convincing quality assurance for the user.

  Warranty commitment:

  The YINHE ELECTRIC products factory warranty from the acceptance date of the calculation, product warranty for 12 months (unless otherwise stipulated in the contract except). Warranty period free repair and replacement of faulty parts. But the following does not belong to the scope of warranty:

  1.After the installation, commissioning, the relevant information (manual, installation manual, etc.) after delivery, the use of the unit does not follow the instructions to operate, maintenance, maintenance of the damage caused by.

  2.Damage caused by movement, removal, and maintenance of the use of units or non YINHE ELECTRIC’s authorized service units.

  3.Damage due to irresistible natural disasters or the use of harsh environment. Products that have been over warranty.

  4. over the warranty period of the product.

  5.During the equipment, products according to the requirements of the normal use of the fault occurred, the company is responsible for the solution, the costs are required by our company.

  Warranty service commitment:

  1.The product warranty period, from the marketing center in consultation with the user signed "the YINHE ELECTRIC products maintenance contract", provide warranty for users of the product after service and customer service, in accordance with the contract of preventive maintenance.

  2.If there is a need for repair and replacement parts, our company will be in strict accordance with the provisions of the company's maintenance fee collection standards and accessories charges, and will not be arbitrary charges.


  ● Personnel training program

  Manufacturers timely, quality service is an important factor to ensure good operation of the user, but with the operation of the market for services and products of the timeliness of monitoring at any time have higher requirements, more important to the use of personnel and maintenance personnel training work also becomes.

  Training content

  In order to ensure good operation, we formulate the following training plan, so that managers can use the products of the company to provide more products to understand and master the correct method of operation, repair and maintenance skills. Specific training is as follows:

  Training content and arrangement

 Training content and arrangement